Do you want to work alongside NZ Police to help build safe communities? Community Patrols of New Zealand are making a real difference – and you can help!

It’s easy to post on social media about situations which may appear “uncivil” or “inappropriate” for the East Coast Bays. But that’s a passive approach, which, in itself, doesn’t address any underlying problem.

Public-spirited residents could choose to take a more active role in looking after their community.

Community Patrols of New Zealand

Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) is a national organisation that was formed in 2001. It supports over 5,000 volunteers in more than 150 affiliated community patrols throughout New Zealand.

Community patrols are organised and operated by their local communities and raise their annual operating expenses through local grants, sponsorships and donations. Community patrollers are volunteers working closely with NZ Police as extra “eyes and ears” to assist the police and other agencies to build safer communities.

Jane Hunter is one of CPNZ’s local co-ordinators. “It’s important to recognise that we’re

independent from the police, but we receive regular guidance, training and tasking from them.”

“In other words, we’re here to support NZ Police, following formal guidelines and within strict parameters.”

Jane’s keen to dispel a potential misconception. “We’re certainly not a vigilante force; we cannot and do not take the law into our own hands,” she stresses.

CPNZ’s vision is for safer, resilient communities, and volunteers help to achieve this through activities such as:

  • Reporting graffiti and signs of suspicious activity
  • Watching out for stolen cars
  • Information gathering for the police
  • Helping to control crowds at community events

NZ Police values the role of CPNZ volunteers saying, “Local community patrols have played a major part in helping bring crime level down… They’re another set of eyes for the police. They are very important to us and do a fabulous job.”

If you’re committed to working in a respectful and professional manner, and want to make a genuine difference in your local community, CPNZ would love to hear from you!

Pop into Browns Bay Police Station or send a message via the Facebook page.

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