Dating in the 21st Century in Albany and North Bays. Part 1: Finding your feet again

When a relationship ends, a social circle can be fractured. A person may not only lose their partner, but some of their shared friends too. Suddenly the diary looks rather sad and sparse…

Let’s be honest, the thought of getting back “out there” and meeting new people is pretty daunting. Fortunately, there are dozens of community groups and social clubs in the East Coast Bays where like-minded souls can get together.

One of these is the Braemar Scottish Country Dance Club, who meet on Tuesday evenings at St Anne’s Hall (on the corner of Glencoe Rd and Beach Rd in Browns Bay). “We have great fun and I’ve made so many good friends here,” smiles Sue Bradley, a long time member of the group. “Some of us come on our own, some of us bring friends – but we swap around anyway, so everyone gets to chat and have a giggle together.”

Sue stresses that age is irrelevant; the group’s thirty or so members range from 40s up into their 80s. “You don’t have to be Scottish, and you certainly don’t need to be an experienced dancer!” she says. “We all make mistakes, and that doesn’t matter. The aim is to enjoy the wonderful social aspect and exercise.”

Braemar Scottish Country Dance Club is holding two free open nights on Tuesday 19 and Tuesday 26 February at 7.30 pm at St Anne’s Hall. New members are MOST welcome! Just turn up on the night – please wear comfy, soft-soled shoes – or, for a friendly chat beforehand, phone Yvonne on (09) 410 9126.

Scottish country dancing not quite your thing? Turn to page 19 of this magazine and have a flick through the Bays Community Centre newsletter to find a club that suits you and your interests.

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